Earn Money
With our latest feature “Earn Money” anyone can earn an extra income while working, studying or from home.
Simply get your friends and family onboarded to UPay and make transactions. It will take you less than 5 mins to earn UCash😍.
All you have to do is:
1. Download & Register with UPay. It’s as simple as; Entering the Name, Mobile Number and password.
Haven’t download UPay yet? download it here
2. Set up your wallet & start transacting
3. Go to your Home screen on the UPay app and on click ‘Earn money’ 
4. Click on invite friends at the bottom of the screen
5. Share a link, show QR or send a link via SMS to your friends & family
6. Now help your friend add an account or card & do a UPay transaction. This can be any transaction such as a reload, movie ticket booking or even a merchant QR transaction.
You can earn Rs 50 for every unique user you have registered and transacted. THAT’S NOT IT. You also earn money every time they transact. This is a first in Sri Lanka. We will share our revenue with you. The more your friends and family transact the more you will earn. If you can onboard a minimum of 500 users, you can earn a minimum of Rs 25,000 per month!!!! Plus every time they transact you earn more and more with NO ADDITIONAL EFFORT.
Spend on UPay, Earn with UPay.