Memes, news articles, good music: these are the links we share with the people we love.  

What if there was a link that made you and your loved ones richer? 

Meet UEarn, a unique invitation to download UPay, you can send to your loved ones. And when they make their first transaction,
you both get 50 UPoints (01 UPoint = 01 Rupee)

That’s not all. For every transaction they make through UPay, you will make an income commission..

*Offer valid for UEarn friends who register on or after the 5th July 2021.
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What is UEarn?
Invite your friends, family
even customers or complete strangers to experience the mobile wallet with the most features.
They receive 50 UPoints when they complete their first transaction (1 UPoint = 1 Rupee)
And for every transaction they do on the app,
you also get a commission FOREVER!
Claim 50 UPoints!
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StaRt making money in
3 easy steps
Send an invite with
your UEarn link
Your UEarn friends register and complete their first transaction
making money!
Send an invite with
your UEarn link
Your UEarn friends register and complete their first transaction
making money!
The more
you give
the more
you get!
The Strongest Link VerticalThe Strongest Link Horizontal
A gift pack worth Rs. 3,000 when your UEarn Friend count is
A voucher for pizza worth Rs. 1,000 when you reach this milestone.
A reload of Rs. 300 when you reach 5 UEarn Friends, making your link strength
Who we are
We make at least one payment every day. UPay provides a digital platform that enables you to make this transaction fast & seamless. No matter what your bank or card is, UPay is the right Digital Wallet for you. Why?
  • Top of the line security
  • Most amount of features
  • Present Island-wide through SDB bank's 94-branch network
Questions? Call us on 0115 511 511 or visit the UPay homepage to learn more.
Visit the UPay website...
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